Editorial process

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Processus éditorial
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Processo editoriale
Proceso editorial
Argerzh embann

Submitting articles

À tradire will consider any original proposals in French, English and any other language of the author’s choice for review, provided reviewers can be found for the language in question (refer to the language policy). Articles should be sent to the journal’s editorial board (contact[at]atradire.fr) in word processing file format.

Each article will first be submitted to the editorial committee, who will check that it meets the journal’s eligibility criteria (contains an abstract, keywords, the author’s affiliation, bibliographical references) and is consistent with the journal’s research field and editorial line.

Review procedure

The journal applies a double-blind review process. Articles accepted for review are anonymised and reviewed by two external experts appointed by the editorial committee.

Upon accepting responsibility for reviewing a manuscript, experts are sent a review form (see annex) with a list of review criteria. Their role is to check that the article is original, to determine its contribution to research with respect to the journal’s thematic focus, to ensure that the author’s arguments are substantiated, to check the author’s knowledge of the literature on the subject, the quality and readability of their style and the relevance of the subject matter to the journal’s mission and objectives.

The double-blind system is strictly applied and guarantees the fairness of the review process. The editorial committee will decide whether to publish or to refuse articles on the basis of the two reviewers’ reports. Should there be need for arbitration between two conflicting reviews, a third external expert may be appointed.

Authors will be notified of the committee’s decision approximately three months after submission of their article. All authors – irrespective of their article’s approval or refusal – will be sent either the two review reports or a summary of both, with explanations about the committee’s decision.


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